Mahathma Gandhi ITI ,Iritty, ,is one of the prominent industrial training institute in Kannur. The ITI has secured a commendable track record of academic achievement owing to the joint efforts of the management, principal, teaching, non-teaching staff,students, parents, alumni and other stake holders associated with the college.

The ITICollege is ably managed by Iritty Educational Society,a non-profit society formed for promoting higher education in the region for which prominent people and leaders in the society irrespective of political affiliation joined hands togother and mobilised resources for the founding of the college.Iritty Educational Society is unique in the sense that it may be the only one society of this nature in Kerala which has created a harmonious platform for all political parties belonging to the broad spectrum of allegiances and ideological affiliations so that all political parties belonging to the U.D.F. and the L.D.F. and B.J.P. work together for the promotion of higher education in this region.Indeed it is a starting example for the reciprocity shown by discovering people for the development and progress and hence can be registered a commandable model for the whole nation.

Adv. Sunny Joseph MLA is the President of Iritty Educatioanl Society and Manager of Mahathma Gandhi College.A Director Board comprising twenty one members controls the administrative matters of Iritty Educational Society, that is the educational agency that manages Mahatma Gandhi College .The present office bearers of Iritty Educational Society are these following personalities.

1. Adv. Sunny Joseph MLA President, Iritty Educational Society & Manager of the College.

2.Sri. C. S. Sebastian – Vice President

3. Sri. P. V. Narayanan – Vice President

4. Sri. Baby John Painappallil – General Secretary

5. Sri. M. J. John – Secretary

6. Sri. A. Gopalan – Secretary

7.Sri. V. V. Chandran – Treasurer

Vision and Mission Statement of IES


Iritty Educational Society intends to be the platform of the will of the people of the region for constructive action in the field of higher education for individual development, social reconstruction and national integration.


The mission of the society is to establish and nurture institutions of higher learning for the young generation in search of all round development and social mobility.